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What's this?

When I try to read
"Pardon the interruption"
Urgh, modal window

Bored of modal windows, tracking, advertising, and all that guff? Me too. So I've built a new content platform that aspires to be what I want. Very specifically what I want, which means it probably won't work for most people.

I originally intended this to somehow destroy Medium in a glorious uprising, which didn't really happen. However I have kept the paid sign-up enabled just in case anyone else finds it useful. I'll open source the codebase when I have time. It's a boring Rails app that caches everything, you're not missing much.

If, for some reason, you're a complete nutter who does sign up and pay me money, you can get a refund any time within the first 7 days. Ideally no-one will sign up so I don't have to file a tax return.

Join for €15 per year

Any problems, or feedback, please let me know.

- Rob

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