Development Roadmap

A rough gist of what features are currently planned, in the rough order in which they are planned.

by Robert May on Senryu Blog

Current state

You can sign up, pay, create sites, and post articles. These were my MVP requirements for actually using this system, and they're now in place!
Articles are written in Markdown inside a custom editor I've been building in Elm, and you can upload images to insert into the article (currently clicking the thumbnail copies the insert code to your keyboard, which is a bit pants I will admit).

The editor, written in Elm

The subscription exists because I am more than happy to use this platform by myself for my own writing; if it does so happen to solve a similar problem for others too, then I want it to be sustainable for me to continue running it :)

I'll be open-sourcing more of the editor code sometime soon (I've already released the file upload library). The backend is extremely boring and will likely eventually be open source as well, but it's a really uninteresting Ruby on Rails application, and right now I don't have time to handle external contributions on it.

Known Issues

  • Can't update your subscription payment details yet (it's a year-long subscription so not a huge rush)
  • Can't delete a blog
  • No styling for tables generated from Markdown
  • Probably other styling issues and tweaks to be made
  • Navigation is a bit hit-and-miss
  • HTTP caching is a bit variable right now
  • Portrait images, and small images, generally float left and right alternately, however this can end up in them butting up alongside each other. Current workaround is to use a horizontal rule to force them to separate (--- in Markdown)


  • More styling tweaks for the articles
  • Add categories for articles
  • Upgrades/improvements to the editor, such as getting it working on tablets and auto-inserting the image code at the text cursor
  • Add basic first-party analytics, e.g. pageviews, top referrers for articles
  • Move to a better server arrangement (currently on Heroku, this would be much better suited to a dedicated server)
  • Improve the caching system so articles are always fast

After that

  • Add a photography theme (with metadata extraction)
  • Privacy settings for blogs, restricting author name display and whether they get listed in the explore interface
  • Add a way of exploring different blogs
  • Add a way of subscribing to other blogs inside the platform, in addition to the Atom feeds.
  • Subdomain/custom domain support (may involve additional charge, to be determined)
  • Other types of media in articles (to be determined, and may involve a different subscription model)
  • Multi-user support for sites