Fixing the new Slack interface (for myself)

The new Slack redesign makes me feel oddly uncomfortable, so here are some tweaks I've made using user styles.

by Robert May on Afternoon Robot

The new Slack redesign was active from today for me at GitLab, and there's something about it that feels off. I'm not normally one to complain about redesigns and it's rare that I don't quickly adapt, but this one doesn't feel very good and in fact makes me feel uncomfortable.

Here's the new design:

Standard Slack interface, featuring Elm

And here's my tweaked version so far:

Modified using my user style

Currently I'm removing the disgusting Apple-inspired top bar (stop centre-aligning things, it's gopping), the weirdly bright white "new message" button from the left, and the expansion icons on the left nav. I understand the expansion icons are there to illustrate the new feature but they don't align well and make that menu look really messy. I've then also tidied up the margins and padding in that menu to make better use of the space available.

These changes help a lot in particular when you belong to many channels, like I do in the GitLab Slack. But I'm just one person, and this is what feels best to me, so your mileage may vary.

User style available here:

I'll keep updating this as I find other things I want to tweak. If you want to use it yourself you'll need to run Slack in a browser and install an addon such as Stylus.